• Yuzura

    Customizing Your Wiki

    January 30, 2013 by Yuzura

    Hello! I am Yuzura, administrator and bureaucrat on Rhythm Heaven Wiki. I made this blog for people who are new to founding their own wikis on Wikia, or are an admin on a wiki and want to help it out. Wanting to fully customize your wiki with enhancements and themes? If so, this is a fully-written blog to help you!

    A great place to start in customizing your wiki's theme is to go to the Special:ThemeDesigner page on your wiki. Here, you can pick a default wiki theme (which are personally not recommended), add a background color and background image to the wiki, customize the color of buttons, links, and the Wikia's global navigation header, and add a wordmark and favicon.

    In the second tab (second to the top) in the Theme Designer page, you can…

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